Hey! I’m Anna, and I am glad that you found your way to anicka.design.

I started this blog as I wanted to share my ideas and experience with those who would like to try doing something creative and useful.

I used to work as User Experience designer for a software company in Prague. A few years ago, me and my husband moved to the countryside and became parents of three children. My family is the very reason why I no longer wish to return to the city. Having considered various options, I decided to combine my background with a hobby from my childhood. I borrowed a small sewing machine from my kids and started sewing clothes for them and really enjoyed it. Gradually, I came across some exciting books that are a great source of advice and inspiration.

I have no formal education in design or fashion. However, I’m a self learner and have gained a lot of information from many books and online classes on fashion and pattern making.

As a programmer, who studied at the Czech Technical University – Faculty Of Electrical Engineering, I decided I could try to connect fashion and programming. Therefore I’m working on various pattern calculators you find on my website.

As all the texts, photos, and functionality are a work of a single person (me :), everything is taking a little longer than I hoped for. Nonetheless, I will gradually add new pattern calculators and improve the old ones with enhanced functionality you might find useful for your sewing.

And because I enjoy making costumes, you will also find a section with tutorials on Costumes and cosplay. I hope you will like them as much as I do. Currently this section is quite small, but it will definitely grow.

I also consider this blog a new start of my creative journey and I welcome anyone who would like to take this journey with me.