Succeed in fitting garments: books overview

When I first started to explore pattern design, some of the books briefly touched on garment fitting problems one may run into. As a clothing fitting is really important for quality results, I decided I needed to learn more about this issue. Although I am convinced that anything can be found online, when it comesContinue reading “Succeed in fitting garments: books overview”

Book Review: Complete Pleats by Paul Jackson

Pleating techniques for fashion, architecture and design by Paul Jackson Laurence King Publishing, 2015 This is one of my favourite books and I consider it as the most important publication for someone who desires to create their own pleating designs. Actually, this is my first book about pleating. Complete Pleats offers plenty of schemes, well-writtenContinue reading “Book Review: Complete Pleats by Paul Jackson”

Pattern Making for Kids’ Clothes by Carla Hegeman Crim

Barron’s 2014 Our rating: I bought this publication on pattern making as I was looking for a book about fashion design for kids. The book promises information about designing, adapting and customising patterns. In this particular case, the term designing means creating various designs based on basic slopers for kids’ wear provided by the author.Continue reading “Pattern Making for Kids’ Clothes by Carla Hegeman Crim”