How To Pleat Fabric? Part 4 – Advanced Permanent Pleats

In my previous blog posts, I describe how to hand pleat fabric at home by applying heat in order to create permanent accordion pleats or permanent knife pleats. This time I am showing how to create a more advanced permanently pleated fabric. For demonstration purposes, I’ll be working with a piece of chiffon fabric thatContinue reading “How To Pleat Fabric? Part 4 – Advanced Permanent Pleats”

How To Make A Butterfly Applique?

Having finished my first dress with faux-chenille-like appliques, I created another one utilising a slightly different technique of fabric manipulation. So I decided to make a butterfly applique. Instead of cutting out a specific shape from selected fabrics, as on my first dress, I’ll cut stripes of stacked fabrics on the bias and sew them inContinue reading “How To Make A Butterfly Applique?”