Why Use A Half-Size Tailors Dummy?

The first time I saw a small size tailor’s dummy was in the series Pattern Magic by Tomiko Nakamichi. The designs in this book are amazing and for me the small tailor’s dummy was equally interesting. I bought one woman’s half-size dummy for fashion design and consider it my best investment. Why? Saves space inContinue reading “Why Use A Half-Size Tailors Dummy?”

How To Pleat Fabric? Part 4 – Advanced Permanent Pleats

In my previous blog posts, I describe how to hand pleat fabric at home by applying heat in order to create permanent accordion pleats or permanent knife pleats. This time I am showing how to create a more advanced accordion type of pleat. For demonstration purposes, I’ll be working with a piece of fabric thatContinue reading “How To Pleat Fabric? Part 4 – Advanced Permanent Pleats”

How To Pleat Fabric? Part 2 – Permanent Knife Pleats

In my very first blog post about pleating fabric, I have described how to pleat an accordion type of pleats. In this post, I will show you how to permanently pleat another common type of pleats – knife pleats. These, unlike the accordion pleats lie flat (see the images below). What tools will you needContinue reading “How To Pleat Fabric? Part 2 – Permanent Knife Pleats”

How To Pleat Fabric? Part 1 – Permanent Accordion Pleats

After I have read PauI Jackson’s book about pleating, I felt really inspired to start hand pleating different materials. How to hand pleat fabric at home is touched on in the publication fairly briefly and the lack of detail has led me to trying out my own ideas and resulted in slightly refined methods comparedContinue reading “How To Pleat Fabric? Part 1 – Permanent Accordion Pleats”

How To Make A Butterfly Applique?

Having finished my first dress with faux-chenille like appliques, I created another one utilising a slightly different technique of fabric manipulation.  Instead of cutting out the heart shape from selected fabrics, used on my first dress, I cut stripes of stacked fabrics on the bias and sew them in the desired shape. In this tutorialContinue reading “How To Make A Butterfly Applique?”

How To Make A Simple Heart Applique?

After reading Ann Small’s inspiring book about fabric maniuplation, I decided to try a similar technique by creating small appliques for girl’s dresses. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a faux chenille style heart applique suitable for girls’ dresses, tunics, or t-shirts. It’s is size approximately 20 cm by 15 cmContinue reading “How To Make A Simple Heart Applique?”