Book Review: Complete Pleats by Paul Jackson

Pleating techniques for fashion, architecture and design by Paul Jackson Laurence King Publishing, 2015 This is one of my favourite books and I consider it as the most important publication for someone who desires to create their own pleating designs. Actually, this is my first book about pleating. Complete Pleats offers plenty of schemes, well-writtenContinue reading “Book Review: Complete Pleats by Paul Jackson”

How To Make Flower Applique – Faux Chenille Style

Having finished my first dress with a heart applique followed by a tunic with a butterfly, I intended to make another dress for my daughter and decided to further experiment with the faux-chenille style I came across in Ann Small’s book. While experimenting with fabric cutting, it occurred to me that creating small fabric appliqueContinue reading “How To Make Flower Applique – Faux Chenille Style”

How To Make A Butterfly Applique?

Having finished my first dress with faux-chenille-like appliques, I created another one utilising a slightly different technique of fabric manipulation. So I decided to make a butterfly applique. Instead of cutting out a specific shape from selected fabrics, as on my first dress, I’ll cut stripes of stacked fabrics on the bias and sew them inContinue reading “How To Make A Butterfly Applique?”

How To Make A Simple Heart Applique?

After reading Ann Small’s inspiring book about fabric manipulation, I decided to try the stitch and slash technique by creating a small heart applique for girls’ dresses. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a faux chenille style heart applique suitable for girls’ dresses, tunics, or t-shirts. It’s is size approximately 20Continue reading “How To Make A Simple Heart Applique?”