Review: Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [vol. 2]

Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [vol. 2] by Antonio Donnano, How to make Shirts, Undergarments, Dresses and Suits, Waistcoats and Jackets for Woman and Men promopress 2016 Another inspirational book by Antonio Donnanno This is the second book from the series Fashion Patternmaking Techniques by Antonio Donnanno. I have to say, that it is as stunning asContinue reading “Review: Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [vol. 2]”

Review: Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [vol. 1]

Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [vol. 1] by Antonio Donnano, How to make Skirts, Trousers and Shirts for Women and Men, promopress 2014 About the author “Antonio Donnanno began his career in his family’s tailor shop and later, after majoring in history and philosophy, focused on the teaching of costume history and patternmaking techniques. In 1982, heContinue reading “Review: Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [vol. 1]”

6 Reasons You Should Try Tissue Fitting

I first found out about tissue fitting when I bought the book The Palmer Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting and I found it weird. People are covered in paper that usually tears really easily. It all looked really strange. But as I learned more about patterns and sewing I realised tissue paper fitting is anContinue reading “6 Reasons You Should Try Tissue Fitting”

How To Draw A Circle Without A Compass

When drafting patterns, sometimes you have to draw a large circle. This applies mainly to large, circular pattern pieces like circle skirts or flounces. In this blog pos I’m going to describe, how to draw circles without a pair of compasses as to buy one with long arms is almost impossible. I’ll demonstrate this methodContinue reading “How To Draw A Circle Without A Compass”

DIY: How To Draw A Circle Skirt Pattern?

If you have tried my online circle skirt calculator or used the formulas for different types of circle skirts (also referred to as circular skirts), you ended up with three numbers: angle under which the circle skirt pattern is drawn, circle radius for the waist and circle radius for the hem of the skirt. InContinue reading “DIY: How To Draw A Circle Skirt Pattern?”

What Is A Gathered Circle Skirt And How To Draft It?

I have already written blog posts about circle skirts and gathered skirts. I came across a ‘gathered circle skirt’ when I was draping a Jalisco skirt for my Halloween costume last year. I have to say it is my favourite type of skirt, although it is quite fabric consuming. In this tutorial, you will learn:Continue reading “What Is A Gathered Circle Skirt And How To Draft It?”