What Are Flounces And How To Sew Them?

What are flounces? Flounces, sometimes also called circle gathers, are decorative elements made from a circle-shaped piece of fabric. By straightening the inner (smaller) circle of the fabric or accommodating it to shape other than the initial circle, flounces are created (see the images below). In this blog post you will also learn about: MostContinue reading “What Are Flounces And How To Sew Them?”

Why Use A Half-Size Tailors Dummy?

The first time I saw a small size tailors dummy was in the series Pattern Magic by Tomiko Nakamichi. The designs in this book are amazing and for me the small tailor’s dummy was equally interesting. I used it for the first time when I draped my Jalisco skirt with lots of gathers and itContinue reading “Why Use A Half-Size Tailors Dummy?”

What Is The Difference Between Fabric And Material?

Before I started sewing, I could not understand how it is possible to buy cotton satin or even stretch cotton satin. I always thought something like “Satin is a fabric made of silk, which makes it smooth and shiny”. This blog post is for those who struggle with the same issue as I did. IContinue reading “What Is The Difference Between Fabric And Material?”

What Are Pinking Shears And How To Use Them?

Pinking shears are special shears with zig-zag shaped blades. Their purpose is to create decorative seam finishes or hems of non-woven fabric (see the images below). This post will answer these questions: How to cut with pinking shears? Can I use pinking shears to cut woven fabric? How to finish edges of woven fabric withContinue reading “What Are Pinking Shears And How To Use Them?”

What Are Gathers And How To Gather Fabric Easily?

There are multiple ways to gather fabric. I have tried all of them and again and again I was either unhappy with the outcome or struggled with broken threads. Nevertheless, after many experiments the “yes, this is it” moment came and it hasn’t failed me since. No wonder that it has quickly become my favouriteContinue reading “What Are Gathers And How To Gather Fabric Easily?”

How To Sew Faster And Easier With These Tools?

When I started sewing, everything took me far too long. Yet, over time I have gained more skills and also collected a few sewing accessories that really simplify my work and make sewing much easier and faster. In this blog post, I will share with you my favourite sewing accessories I use most frequently andContinue reading “How To Sew Faster And Easier With These Tools?”