How To Sew An Easy Bubble Skirt

In my previous blog post, I have closely described how to draft a bubble skirt (also known as a balloon skirt) pattern with an elastic rib jersey waist. In this post, I will explain how to sew such a skirt. If you do not have a bubble skirt pattern yet, use the simple pattern calculatorContinue reading “How To Sew An Easy Bubble Skirt”

How To Sew A Casing For An Elastic Waistband

A casing for an elastic waistband is an easy solution how to add an elastic to the waist of different garments and hide it. It is suitable for gathered skirts, trousers, leggings or sweatpants. In this tutorial I will describe three different ways of sewing such a casing. Each one has a different difficulty level.Continue reading “How To Sew A Casing For An Elastic Waistband”