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In this section, you will find various pattern calculators that will compute sewing pattern dimensions based on your requirements and personal body measurements. I hope they will make pattern drafting easier for you. No math is required from your side. All you need to do, is fill in the form for the selected pattern and click “Calculate”. Having the calculated results, you can sew the selected garment or further modify it to create your own designs.

Some of the calculated pattern dimensions can be downloaded as a PDF document. For now, those are: any type of circle skirt, gathered circle skirt, bubble skirt and basic skirt sloper. does not store, nor share any data you put into the forms included in any of the pattern calculators.

Basic blocks

Basic skirt block pattern drafting. A calculator automatically calculates the sewing pattern dimensions based on your body measurements. No math is required.

Basic skirt pattern

A basic skirt (pencil skirt) is one of the very basic sewing patterns you can use to draft your own new fancy skirt patterns. This calculator will compute two versions of the basic skirt pattern: with one dart or two darts. Simple instructions on drawing the actual pattern are also available. As with other calculator, the basic skirt block dimensions are also available for download as a pdf document.

Basic bodice block pattern

Learn to draft a basic bodice block (bodice sloper) based on your body measurements. You can enter the measurements into the user-friendly calculator. It computes approximate fabric consumption for the bodice and includes the measurements you have taken (and also measurements, that need to be calculated) in the detailed step-by-step pattern drafting tutorial, which you can download as a single pdf document.


All types of circle skirts

By using this calculator you will circle skirt pattern dimensions based on your body measurements for any type of circle skirt (quarter circle, half circle, three-quarter circle, full, one and a half and double circle skirt). Approximate fabric consumption and simple instructions on drafting the real-size pattern are also included. Moreover, you can download all of this information in a single pdf document.

Gathered circle skirt

Calculate sewing pattern dimensions for gathered circle skirts made of 6, 8, 10 or 12 panels. Fabric consumption for two different pattern arrangements on the fabric is also computed. A step-by-step easy tutorial on drafting the life-size pattern is also available. You can download all of this information in a single pdf document.

Pink bubble skirt with a bubble skirt pattern draft.

Bubble skirt pattern

A very simple skirt for both children and adults with an elastic waistband, which is great for summer. The pattern calculator computes the dimensions of all parts of the skirt: design fabric, lining, rib jersey and elastic band for the waist. Again, the sewing pattern dimensions are downloadable as a pdf document.


Flounce pattern calculator.


Flounces, sometimes also called circle gathers, are decorative elements made from a circle-shaped piece of fabric. The calculator will compute the radiuses of the circles you need to draw in order to apply the flounces to the selected part of your garment.

Calculator for sewing box pleats.

Box pleats

A box pleat is a piece of fabric folded in such a way that a box-like shape is created. Box pleats are a series of multiple fabric pleats. They add fullness to a garment or part of a garment. The calculator computes the amount of fabric you need for a specific box pleat width and depth.

Knife pleats

Knife pleats are a series of multiple pleats folded into one direction: to the right or left. They add fullness to a garment or part of a garment. You can use them to make a pleated skirt or simply as decoration for different clothing – for example skirt or dress hems, or sleeve cuffs. The calculator computes the amount of fabric you need for a specific knife pleat width and depth.

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