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This gathered circle skirt pattern calculator will make pattern drafting much easier for you. A gathered circle skirt is made of 6, 8 or more panels (usually an even number of panels up to 12) that after being sewn together have a larger waist circumference, than your waist. This large circumference has to be gathered to fit your waist. The result is a visually appealing skirt that combines the properties of both skirts: a gathered skirt and a circle skirt.

This page contains an easy to use gathered circle skirt pattern calculator that will compute the pattern dimensions of such a skirt based on your body measurements.

The 6 or 8-panel skirt is also the base of a typical Mexican Jalisco skirt, which is decorated with colourful ribbons and lace trim. Therefore you can use this pattern to sew a skirt for the Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) holiday festivities, for Halloween or for cosplay.

The number of panels affects the look of the skirt only a little. The more panels you use, the more seams the skirt is going to have. The amount of panels has NO effect on the skirt’s fullness or shape.

If you wish to learn more about the math and construction behind this skirt, please read this blog post.

Where do I get the real-size skirt pattern?

To sew a gathered circle skirt, you do not need to buy a specific pattern. You can draw it completely by yourself based on the results from the pattern calculator and your body measurements. This way the skirt will fit perfectly. To get all the information you need to draw the sewing pattern, please use the pattern calculator below.

Use of seam and hem allowances

Please keep in mind, that the calculated results do NOT include side seam allowances, waist seam allowance, or hem allowance. This way you can easily change your mind when it comes to seam allowances. You just add them before cutting the pattern pieces out of fabric and can adjust them at the last minute.

Gathered circle skirt pattern calculator

Gathered circle skirt sewn from six panels.

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Your panel sewing pattern for the gathered circle skirt

Six panel gathered circle skirt sewing pattern. Suitable as Mexican Jalisco skirt sewing pattern.
Eight panel gathered circle skirt sewing pattern. Suitable as Mexican Jalisco skirt sewing pattern.
Ten panel gathered circle skirt sewing pattern.
Twelve panel gathered circle skirt sewing pattern.

Drawing the actual skirt pattern

Once you have decided on the number of panels you are going to use and written down the results from the gathered circle skirt calculator above, you can draft the actual sewing pattern yourself. You can use these free printable angle templates for drawing the sewing pattern. Download, print, cut out the corresponding template and use it.

Follow these instructions and learn to draw one panel of the skirt.

To learn more about the construction and math behind this sewing pattern, please read this blog post.

To hem the skirt, you can use a bias binding tape (use ready bias binding tapes or make your own using a bias tape maker). As decoration, you can add gathers or flounces to the hem.

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