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How To Pin Fabric

Pinning might look easy and straightforward. Yet, there are multiple methods of pinning the fabric and, depending on what you do, one may prove a better choice for some reason. Are you asking why? Let me touch on this in my today’s contribution. Pin with classic pins along seam allowance I use this type of…

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Why Use A Half-Size Tailors Dummy?

The first time I saw a small size tailor’s dummy was in the series Pattern Magic by Tomiko Nakamichi. The designs in this book are amazing and for me the small tailor’s dummy was equally interesting. I bought one woman’s half-size dummy for fashion design and consider it my best investment. Why? Saves space in…

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How to Fold A Star Out Of Paper

After exploring different possibilities of pleating, I finally started to create my own pleating designs. One of them is a folded star. I am probably going to create a few and use them as part of my Christmas postcards. In this blog post, I’m going to describe how to pleat paper and make a star.…

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What Are Pinking Shears And How To Use Them

Pinking shears are special shears with zig-zag shaped blades. Their purpose is to create decorative seam finishes or hems of non-woven fabric (see the images below). Can I use pinking shears to cut woven fabric? Yes, you can, but the fabric will fray anyway as pinking shears do not prevent woven fabrics from fraying. It…

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How To Pleat Fabric. Part 4 – Advanced Permanent Pleats

In my previous blog posts, I describe how to hand pleat fabric by applying heat in order to create permanent accordion pleats or permanent knife pleats. This time I am showing how to create a more advanced accordion type of pleat. For demonstration purposes, I’ll be working with a piece of fabric that is the…

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