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DIY: How To Draw A Circle Skirt Pattern?

If you have tried my online circle skirt calculator or used the formulas for different types of circle skirts, you ended up with three numbers: angle under which the circle skirt pattern is drawn, circle radius for the waist and circle radius for the hem of the skirt. In this tutorial, I will show you…

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Bias tape makers.

How to make your own bias tapes?

In my previous blog post, I have described what bias binding tapes there are and how to sew them onto the fabric edge. Usually, you buy them in stores. However, If you do not find a bias tape meeting your needs, you can make your own at home. In this blog post, you will learn:…

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Bias binding tape applied to a sleeveless dress with circle skirt and examples of different bias binding tapes.

What Is A Bias Tape And How To Use It?

A super easy, yet visually appealing way to finish and decorate hems of skirts, trousers, sleeves or edges of armholes is by applying a bias tape to them. Buy a bias tape you like or make your own one and sew. In this tutorial, you will learn: What a bias tape is How to sew…

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What Is A Lettuce Hem And How To Sew It?

There are many different ways to decorate hems. One very easy hem to make yet really attractive is a so called lettuce (or frilled) hem. It looks pretty on children’s clothing, summer dresses, free time clothing, lingerie or nightwear. You can sew this type of hem using a classic sewing machine or an overlock machine.…

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